Foot Prints of Nature - Wildlife and Landscape art
Jane Waters-Thomas
Arts Ensemble Founding Artist, Richard Powers, makes possible more than we have space to say on the Internet giving and teaching via the arts. He is a beautiful friend and an amazing artist..
Aboriginal Artist on 1/21/2013 7:56 AM
I like the artistic blog post and the terms that you have been shared such as paintings and the drawings by the artist is something very nice and interesting.Regards to you.
Wanted to give a shout out to Richard Powers for his talent and help of creation of the Bull Bay Rods logo. Can't wait to see some more hand drawn creations being designed for BBRods..
After a long exile in the "real world", I spotted an advertisement in the local newspaper for a painting workshop and was encouraged  to attend. There I met the legendary landscape/wildlife painter, Richard Powers. With his contagious enthusiasm for the beauty of nature, his endless patience and by providing me with the unique opportunity to meet and paint with such incredible artists as Robert Butler and many others, I began to bloom and fall in love with the art of drawing and painting all over again.    From the website of Sheri Fox
Arts Ensemble When I'm asked "tell me, Jane, what is Arts Ensemble..what do you do out there" I am thankful to say we paint with beautiful people in a healing way. Artist Richard Powers is one of a kind - his give back to the world in love and understanding through paint goes unmatched. 
"Richard has a track record for success, as well as a bright future."
From Vickie Armstrong on Aug. 14, 2011
"Richard gives an A+ performance. Focused, driven, and  constanly getting the job done." From Joe Garrison on July 28, 2011
"Rick is an honest & sincere friend & a talented & creative artist.  His interpretation of Florida wildlife and scenery is spectacular."
From Hellen Hebb Stidham on July 8, 2011
"Richard is a fantastic artist and great friend to the community.  An all around great guy."  From Steve Whitlock on June 25, 2011
"If you love to see realistic, Florida wildlife and landscape paintings, then you 'MUST' check out the work of the talented Richard Powers."
From Bruce Powers on June 24. 2011
"one of the most down to earth, talented and giving artist I have the privilege of knowing, who shares his talent."
From Mike Easterling on June 24, 2011
"Richard is a talented artist.  I have two of his paintings that are really awesome.:
From Hazel Huey Sellers on June 24, 2011
"Richard's unique art reflects Florida's spirit, history & wildlife.  He's a special person with the faith to move mts & the skills to paint 'em"
From Rodney Smith on June 24, 2011
"Richard has been a great mentor for my daughter Jane.  A great roll model."
From Mark Combs on June 24, 1011
"Rick is an energetic and extremely talented person, and it's a pleasure to know him."
From Diane Wright Draper on June 24, 2011
"Fantastic Artist"
From Debbie Powell Lacy on June 23, 2011